How To Wear High Heels Without Killing Your Feet

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October 11, 2016

When you realize a woman’s attractiveness, you will be able to know that how unbelievable a power that a pump brings to you, it highlights your charm and help you become sexier.

However, women can’t stand affliction, agonies when they walk in these shoes. In reality, the problem is they are not really aware of notes that help wearing high heel become easier than you thought, even when you have to use it all day.

Choose shoes fitting you perfectly

The first advice for you is that you should buy your high heel at the end of the afternoon. What is the reason for that? You can see that a day sitting and working will make you feel your shoes become tighter when you wear it on the way to home. It’s because of extended time that you spend for sitting for work; your feet will tend to become tumid.

In preference to choosing rounded tip shoes to wear

High heel with sharp tip always brings you the feeling of being up to date than the shoes with round one, however, when you are really fond of wearing high heel, get 2 of these kinds of shoe.

In occasions that you only need to walk a little bit, pointed toe shoes are suitable because it makes all of your toes get closer and you can feel pains after a long time using it. This problem can be reduced considerably when you have rounded toe shoes.


Make a choice at flat shoes

Nowadays, many kinds of high-heeled shoes appear, some have pointed heel but the other don’t. There are shoes with really high flat of square base but you can completely wear them for the whole day and can’t be anxious about being hurt. What an amazing fashion design!

Use insole

This is a wonderful thing that has ever been invented. Many people think that the high-heeled that they have already bought is actually comfortable and can’t hurt your feet.

However, it takes a long period of time to make you realize that you are having pain when continuously wearing them. It’s the best recommendation for you to buy for yourself a really comfortable insole, which can help you avoid suffering from any injuries.

Always carry first aid dressing with you

If you are wearing a new pair of high heel, remember to put some bandages in your bag. They will help you reduce pain or prevented your feet from being hurt because the uncomfortable feeling while you use high heel can be eliminated by sticking a bandage at the top of your heel – where is really vulnerable.

Every time when you have the different feeling at the back of your feet, use a bit of first aid dressing covering the area in your foot that impinge the shoe. When it’s become more seriously and you can’t stand any pain, quit using that pair of shoes until you recover or even throw them away if it really makes you feel bad.


Tips for choosing Women’s Low Heel Shoes

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October 10, 2016

High heels are considered to bring harm to your spine and legs. Low heel shoes seem to be safer, but if you do not choose your own shoes carefully, it also has negative impacts on your health.

How to choose a nice as well as good for health pair of low-heel shoes.

Trying to wear shoes when you buy them.

You are often given the advice that you should try the shoes at the end of the day to have a more logical fit than do it in the early morning. This theory may be explained: after a day of working, eating, your body will become heavier, “plumper” and due to the gravity put on your feet all day, they also become “chubbier”. If you try on the shoes in the early morning, you will be at risk buying shoes that are cramped and uncomfortable.

You need to focus on the sense of comfort when you put your feet in shoes, so don’t depend on anyone to buy shoes for you, it’s the best thing to buy them on your own and try on because different people have different type of foot. When you try, you should wear one pair of shoe and walk around for many times. Each type of shoe will have special form or shape with narrow or wide size and it always depends on your feet at that time.

Shoe size

The advantage of wearing low heel shoes is they will make you feel comfortable, pleasant when you have to move from place to another place, make it more active for you to do everything. However, if you do not select the correct size, you can still suffer from fatigue, even muscle pain.

Many of girls have psychology to choose a tight shoe because they think that after few days you wear them, the sweat that is given out from your feet will make the shoes stretching wider. But in fact, there are materials will be able to stretch bigger such as real leather, fabric, but some materials like synthetic leather, plastic, have very weak stretching ability. In addition, the sewing technique is also one of the deciding factors that affect the comfort brought by shoes before and after using. There are a lot of people attempting to insert their foot into the tight shoes and receiving really tired or even being in pain. It is important to choose shoes that have the medium size that is really fit your feet, and make sure that its base can’t slip to come out easily when you move

“Strong leg”


The structure of flat shoes helps the feet and the toes suffer from being less supported and make it close to the ground. When you continuously move in the rugged or sloping surfaces, this type of shoes will not be good for the joints, it even causes foot aches. You can remedy this problem by adding a layer inside the shoes to have enough light resilient to create support for the feet when you are moving.

Those who have the little toe that is higher than the other fingers or even than all of friend’s toes should wear doll shoes with round tips in order for the toes not to be squeezed.

People who have feet that have too large width usually have difficulty in finding stunning, beautiful type of shoes that can fit them. However, you may choose low square base shoes with about 3 cm heel, it will not only support your feet, make it more stabilized, but also create flexible posture.

Although flat shoes (with the base like slippers) are always preferred during the summer, it makes your footsteps become slower and lack of firmness. When you are wearing these kinds of shoes, you have psychology to walk fast, so that it will be easy to fall out, and have hurt in the legs such as dislocations, sprains. Therefore, you should not wear flat shoes when it is raining because of easy slip, you should only use it on the flat, dry surface instead.

Combine with clothes as well as other icons of fashion

After trying on shoes, you should pay attention to the aesthetic factor, the shoes should fit the feet but it should also be elegant, not too picky.

-Square or pointed tip shoes are suitable for skirts, plain, wide pants with the materials like the line, elastic pants.

– Flat shoes decorated with twinkle, colorful beads are designed for the bride wearing long or short skirts.

-Doll Shoes usually go with skirts, jeans.

-Flat sports shoes have always fit jeans.

-Lazy boots are suitable for the wide trousers, jeans or jeans skirts, khaki, raw materials…